Abandoned Tennessee Treasures Press Release

Sorry to be late doing this. But you all....Abandoned Tennessee Treasures is in stores and on Amazon! Of course with time, I've evolved as an author, which only makes my books pack a stronger punch; though I will never get away from my primary goal of taking readers on my adventures with me. How is this book different? It has a common theme throughout. The locations I explored in every region of Tennessee are more nostalgic and not random. Traveling deep and wide, mostly throughout the Covid-19 pandemic throughout the state to find these rare hidden treasures yielded fabulous results, Here's a brief video trailer showing highlights from the book.

What's in Abandoned Tennessee Treasures?

There's a plethora of abandoned and forgotten historic houses, some with a paranormal presence if you will. We also traveled back in time to old-time small town general stores, complete with the creaking wooden floor and pot belly stove, long after Mrs. Oleson was gone. With some of these old general stores, I was able to find detailed history and personal memories shared by community elders. Let us not forget old-time churches long before indoor plumbing and air conditioners, a retro gas station complete with time capsules left behind, and even an early 1900's one-room schoolhouse. In those days, one teacher usually taught grades 1-8, and school year often revolved around local harvest. It's a must see for those who love old Tennessee, both buildings and roadside antique cars and trucks!