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About Jay Farrell-

My name is Jay Farrell, a Nashville, Tennessee-based photographer and explorer of the abandoned and forgotten. For many years, I have loved the stories these abandoned buildings tell, along with the photogenic aspects of the distress and desolation. Abandoned factories and other industrial locations that were once plentiful in Nashville; I often used them as a canvas with human subjects. As I continued my journey, the realization was clear that the buildings themselves were my favorite subject material.

Through the years, Nashville went through gentrification as many cities have. This meant traveling sometimes great distances and navigating different city streets, and country backroads to explore the forgotten. To my surprise (and the surprise of my high school English teacher) in 2018, Fonthill Media contacted me about authoring a new series of abandoned photography books. Which brings us to this point; enjoying the freedom of the road and exploring new places, and sharing my adventures with all of you.

“"Jay Farrell really delivers with these books!"
"Excellent photos and great vibe"
"Superb writing and photography"
"Another great title in an evolving series of photography books"
"Amazing photos of otherwise unseen places."”