Abandoned Albany- Relics Of The Capital District

I eagerly present to you this tour de force that I have been working on for the past two years—my new book release Abandoned Albany- Relics Of The Capital District. Albany, settled by the Dutch, was indeed the city in which I was raised, until relocating to Nashville, Tennessee. You may be familiar with my other titles featuring abandoned explorations throughout The South. I had no plans of doing a project in my native city, even though for eons, I have explored both the abandoned industrial icons and hidden secrets in the Albany region during my family visits. You can find this exciting title at local book shops or on Amazon.

I knew that patience would lead me to create the perfect book, and raising my standards throughout my publishing career would only bode well for me. With no guarantee I would pioneer the abandoned series for the region, I still waited for the right time—and I hope you agree that it was worth the wait! Please enjoy this photo slideshow with highlights featured in the book.

What makes this book special and unique? I walked through the skeletal remains and documented the dark haunting beauty of some of Capitaland's former local industrial staples through my lens. I explored all eleven stories and the rooftop of the controversial Central Warehouse, Fort Orange Paper Mill, Tobin's First Prize, Al-Tech Steel, Fownes Gloves in Amsterdam, and more abandoned treasures. Not only do the photographs tell stories of these forlorn structures, but relevant history is part of the story as well. Viewers are alongside me on my journey, filled with sensory details.

Part of what makes this history segment special were the knowledgable historians, journalists, and former employees of these shuttered industrial icons. Finding those with personal accounts of places that have been defunct for 20 plus years was not an easy task—though persistence paid off and made the project all the more personalized. You can find this exciting title at local book shops or on Amazon.