New release- Abandoned Schools Of Tennessee

Finally, I am excited to announce the release of my new title, Abandoned Schools Of Tennessee, officially released September 27, 2021. This particular project was over two years in the making, with revisions and other changes; it was worth the wait and taking my time to finish. This book features photos and background / history information about the 13 different forgotten schools I explored. The variety of the different schools thrills me the most; there are several old-time schoolhouses from the 1800's-early 1900's hidden in the forgotten corners of the state, as well as older brick and mortar schools left to crumble. The emphasis of each location can shift from quaint and nostalgic, to creepy and harrowing.

The nostalgic schoolhouses of yesteryear usually had one teacher and taught students of all ages, The buildings often doubled as a church and community center. Wood stoves provided heat in the winter, outhouses were used for bathroom facilities, and boys were responsible for fetching pails of water for all students. These tightly-knit schoolhouses were eventually outgrown as communities expanded, and larger schools were built with more modern amenities. These schools have been replaced with even larger county schools, but what becomes of these deserted schools that sit vacant, decades after the last ringing bell and echoes of children's laughter?

Abandoned Schools Of Tennessee uncovers the mystery as I explore these forgotten buildings inside and out; bringing the viewer with me on each exploration from the East Tennessee mountains to points north, south, and west. The natural decay of the historic schoolhouses and remnants left behind, and their replacement schools being taken over by the elements, vandalism, and other questionable activity are all part of the stories told. There are nearly 200 brilliant photos, and history retold by area historians and elder residents who recall personal memories.

Enjoy this video trailer of Abandoned Schools Of Tennessee- Available for order at your local book store or on Amazon.