Abandoned Memphis- book by Jay Farrell

My Memphis explorations with my good friend Jerry Winnett, and friends who live in Memphis are ones I will never forget. Originally, I had an author appearance at Novel Books in Memphis for my original Abandoned Tennessee release, so my friend Jerry accompanied me. In the process, we did some exploring in Memphis while there, and enjoyed Memphis BBQ at One And Only BBQ Perkins.

Jerry and I started at the old Journey Court Motel, and explored there; later in the journey running into unexpected company. There was a man who set up post in one of the rooms and claimed to have been starting renovations; meanwhile there were what appeared to be two abandoned cars in the front of the building. None of us were expecting that unexpected plot twist, but it does happen. All the more reason to be alert and diligent while exploring these abandoned places. They are not typically located in prosperous areas, and there are a host of dangers to go along with the excitement.

The man directed us to the old U.S Smokeless Tobacco factory by the riverfront industrial area. It took some climbing through holes in two sets of fences and climbing over this or that, in order to gain access. Multiple buildings and several stories or forgotten industrial expanse left us in seventh heaven for at least a couple of hours.

Two other trips followed this first adventure. Rummaging though the dark halls of the deserted Vance Middle School, exploring the decaying ruins of the W.T. Rawleigh building. the final remains of the historic Ellis Machine Shop are some of the adventures showcased in the book. Perhaps the most random surprise featured in the book were a trio of old sharecroppers houses. In fact, 0n the final trip, a lady staying in an abandoned church blew her top when she spotted me. The complete story, and the photos, known history, and adventures are all in the awesome Abandoned Memphis book!

In subsequent visits. to visit friends, I discovered that several of the buildings were in the process of being renovated and repurposed as Memphis undergoes gentrification. Thankfully I've been able to document some of the old industrial Memphis with so much character! Enjoy this video slideshow preview.