Abandoned Eastern Kentucky

Abandoned Eastern Kentucky is a title that I consider perhaps my best, but one that I feel perhaps the deepest personal connection to. I knew that my Eastern Kentucky adventures would not be a one time thing, and that I needed to get some publishing under my belt before taking on this project. I knew that I would need to cover lots of ground and climb many steep mountains, and learn a lot about coal mining before I could do the project justice. I knew that Eastern Kentucky was a special place and the hills were indescribable unless you've been there to witness them. I also knew that once my explorations and research / writings were complete, that I met new friends there, and I had created the masterpiece I dreamt of.

The first two day trip was in the Appalachian Foothills, mainly in Rowan, Elliot, and Carter Counties which was a much different landscape from coal country. Full autumnal colors combined with the rolling hills made my journey a scenic one, even with me photographing the abandoned and forgotten. Next trip was over a three day period throughout coal country. I started in Bell County and Harlan County, then moving onto Martin County, Pikeville, Johnson County, Margoffin, Wolfe and Breathitt Counties. Perhaps I am forgetting some. Finally, a return trip to Harlan County to photograph an abandoned coal company store and school. Readers will experience the haunting beauty and blight that lies in the hills, and enjoy a plethora of Eastern Kentucky's past when reading Abandoned Eastern Kentucky.