Jay Farrell on 13th Destiny podcast pilot episode

My long-time friend, James Magnum Cook recently launched his very own podcast, 13th Destiny Podcast, interviewing interesting characters. Magnum was originally in model management and indie film production (still primarily focusing on indie films and now this podcast) and those are the circles in which we met. We've known each other for 17 years, and it's been exciting to see each other through life changes and evolving business directions.

We were originally set to record this pilot episode on a summer evening after enjoying dining out for a seafood dinner. Magnum ordered a complete podcaster kit off of Amazon, and it seemed like 9 million pieces, that most of it, we couldn't make sense of. We took this as a sign that this wasn't our night. Magnum recruited help from a seasoned podcaster on how to sort the gargantuan quantities of electronic goods and make this a go.

One morning, we tried again and with minimal effort, it was go time. We were able to get through it with minimal post work on his part. I was very impressed with the audio quality. The little bit I know about podcasting; there needs to be interesting, engaging content, and audio must be clear. I feel that all of that was accomplished. We spoke about my journey as a photographer, explorer of the abandoned and forgotten, and an author. Please give a listen and follow the podcast for future episodes.

Listen to my interview here.