Welcome to the new Jay Farrell Author website-

This was exciting indeed to put this new website together. I was able to do everything myself, thanks to a truly user-friendly interface with Pixieset. My whole goal was to have an elegant and clean design, minimize the need for lots of navigation, and provide a mobile friendly experience. Also, this was a perfect way to show my latest releases, as most authors grow with time, right? Showcasing all my book titles is also the main purpose of an author website, and creating a call to action so readers know where to purchase. Now, I also have a press / media page listing, and linking all my TV, newspaper, podcast interviews, and speaking engagements / signing events.

Any thoughts or questions, feel free to throw them at me, Or even topic suggestions for future articles. I may even select a title at a time and write more about the experience and making of the book, for an inside behind the scenes look. That will help personalize a reader's experience as well. I can also announce new releases. Now the ideas are flowing.