New press / media page

This is exciting seeing this website gain more traction and keep looking its best. As many of you know. my new release, Abandoned Schools Of Tennessee is launching very soon, and that means that podcast and media interviews are very helpful to get the word out. In return to the show, publication, or whatever medium I am working with, I provide unique and interesting content for their listeners, which I try my hardest to do. If any of you know a media connection that may be interested in what I do, I would be eternally grateful for any leads. Please contact me here.

The reason I created the press / media page was to not only provide my own reader base with interviews they might find interesting, but to give other media outlets examples of my past interviews and features. This gives interviewers, reporters, and show hosts an idea of what I've done. They may want to make their interview completely different from others, or maybe use some segments from past media features for their own reference. The more newspaper, publication, podcast, television, news, and podcast interviews, and book signings I have to my credit, the more appeal I have to media and press. As many as possible interviews and features are linked directly for your convenience. I hope you will have a look at my press / media page here.