Abandoned Mississippi- The adventure and the book.

Prior to my adventures of exploring Mississippi for abandoned and forgotten treasures, I had only driven through the state and had little knowledge of it.I never heard many people talking about Mississippi unless they were from there. My curious, adventurous spirit led me there to see what it was all about. My first trip was around the delta, central and east Mississippi. Please enjoy this brief highlight reel to showcase my adventures and the book itself, before I share more about the Abandoned Mississippi adventure.

The only ace up my sleeve was that on my final day of the journey, I was doing a ride along with a Monroe County, Mississippi historian. Besides that, the direction and course was completely random. It had been raining heavily for days; it was surreal to see the flooded cotton fields in the delta with water deep enough to drive a boat through. The narrow straight roads that navigate through cotton country are not at a significant raised level; there was very little preventing the flooding waters from flooding the roadways, except that the worst of the rains had stopped. 

The local experience was a special and enjoyable way to wrap up a great adventure. I enjoyed the company, and I learned so much about the area, the state, local culture, and the places I visited. I even did some research on cotton production, what cottonseed oil was used for, ginning and packing, and more modern methods of cotton production. While traveling the backroads to find my way home, shortly before the Alabama state line, I spotted a defunct church along the roadside, which turned out to be the cover photo for my Abandoned Mississippi release. Available for purchase at any local book store. (ordering available, as stock varies) or on Amazon.