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Abandoned Nashville on sale

That's right, it's finally live!! Abandoned Nashville - Dark Corners Of Music City. Several defunct Nashville hotspots and a few hidden treasures of the abandoned world, in one book. As I documented each of these forsaken forlorn locations, I knew that I was likely doing so in the nick of time. This has certainly proven itself true for several spots.

I hope you share in my adventure as I explored the old Madison Mill, Starwood Amphitheater grounds, Greer Stadium, and more! I'm very excited to reveal this exciting look into Nashville's past as other ideas are revealed by its gentrification.

Book signing and presentation events coming up:

Sunday May 5 - Novel Memphis

Sunday May 19, Parnassus Books, Nashville.

Stop by and see me and get your signed copy. Also, I will be giving a brief presentation about my adventures and experiences on my abandoned excursions.

To be followed by Q&A and signing event. Thanks again for your support, will keep you updated on further news.

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